Standard 1: Historical Inquiry and Analysis

General Information
Number: SS.1.A.1
Title: Historical Inquiry and Analysis
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 1
Strand: American History

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Access Points

Identify a primary source.
Use pictures or text to answer a question about a historical topic.

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Lesson Plans

Showing Respect During "The Star Spangled Banner":

In this lesson, students will learn the history behind "The Star Spangled Banner" and the appropriate behaviors to display during its playing. 

Type: Lesson Plan

The Pledge of Allegiance:

Students will learn the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, the proper behaviors to display while reciting the pledge, and the meaning behind the words. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Patriotism on Memorial Day:

This lesson will define patriotism and explain how citizens can demonstrate patriotic behaviors during patriotic holidays, such as Memorial Day. The students will learn that people who display courage and bravery, like soldiers, deserve patriotic appreciation from their country.

Type: Lesson Plan

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