Standard 3: Chronological Thinking

General Information
Number: SS.K.A.3
Title: Chronological Thinking
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: K
Strand: American History

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Identify concepts of time using words, such as before, after, morning, afternoon, day, and night.
Identify that the numbers on a calendar represent the date of the month.


Recognize events that occur in the day and the night, such as going to school in the day or sleeping at night.
Recognize a calendar.


Associate daytime with a common activity, such as getting dressed.
Associate an object or picture with a daily event, such as story time.

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Teaching Idea

How Many Days 'til My Birthday? (NCTM) - Featured for Math and Science Day:

This article describes how a calendar wall in a kindergarten classroom was used to help children think about time in more meaningful ways that connected the calendar to their experiences.

Used with permission from Teaching Children Mathematics, copyright February 2006 by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. All rights reserved.

Type: Teaching Idea

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