Standard 2: Reading Informational Text

General Information
Number: ELA.11.R.2
Title: Reading Informational Text
Type: Standard
Subject: English Language Arts (B.E.S.T.)
Grade: 11
Strand: Reading

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This cluster includes the following access points.

Access Points

Explain the use of structure(s) and features in texts.
Explain the central idea(s) of speeches and essays from the Classical Period.
Explain the author’s choices in establishing and achieving purpose(s) in speeches and essays from the Classical Period.
Compare the development of multiple arguments on the same topic, evaluating the effectiveness and validity of the claims, and the author’s reasoning.
Compare the authors’ reasoning and the ways in which the authors use the same information to achieve different arguments.

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Lesson Plans

Federalist Paper No. 84:

This lesson will give students the opportunity to examine all three rhetorical appeals for an argument and discover how all three work together to achieve the author's intended purpose. Students will analyze Federalist Paper #84, explaining the arguments in favor of ratification of the proposed Constitution.

Type: Lesson Plan

Critical Thinking and Troubleshooting Issues to Resolution:

Students will explore the role of critical thinking and teamwork in diagnosing and troubleshooting issues within the engineering design process. This lesson is designed to be used with the case study, Finding the Important Detail that Makes the Difference. See CPALMS resource ID# 207924.

Type: Lesson Plan

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