Standard 6: Protecting and Insuring

General Information
Number: SS.912.FL.6
Title: Protecting and Insuring
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 912
Strand: Financial Literacy (Discontinued after 2023-2024)

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Access Points

Discuss small costs now as it relates to avoiding larger losses later.
Discuss how judgment regarding risky events is often influenced by information from others.
Discuss why people choose different amounts of insurance coverage.
Discuss governmental and contract requirements for purchasing some types of insurance
Discuss costs involved in using an insurance policy as it relates to risks, deductibles and copayments
Discuss that people can lower insurance premiums by behaving in ways that show they pose a lower risk.
Compare the purposes of various types of insurance.
Discuss that government benefit programs provide a social safety net.
Discuss ways to manage personal information to prevent identity theft.
Compare federal and state regulations that provide assistance for victims of identity theft.

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