Standard 5: Financial Investing

General Information
Number: SS.912.FL.5
Title: Financial Investing
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 912
Strand: Financial Literacy (Discontinued after 2023-2024)

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Access Points

Compare the ways that federal, state and local tax rates vary on different types of investments.
Discuss how the expenses of buying and selling of financial assets decrease the rate of return from an investment
Discuss that in financial markets, buyers and sellers have influence on the rates of return on financial assets.
Discuss that an investment with greater risk will commonly have a lower market price, and therefore a higher rate of return.
Discuss that shorter-term investments will likely have lower rates of return than longer-term investments.
Discuss how diversifying investments in different types of financial assets can lower investment risk.
Discuss how financial markets adjust prices while considering current financial news.
Discuss ways that the prices of financial assets are affected by interest rates and other economic conditions both domestically and internationally.
Discuss why investors should be aware that people may make poor choices when investing.
Discuss that people vary in their willingness to take risks due to factors such as personality, income and family situation.
Identify government roles to inform individuals seeking alternative investment information.
Compare the roles of government agencies that regulate financial markets.

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