Standard 1: Earning Income

General Information
Number: SS.912.FL.1
Title: Earning Income
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 912
Strand: Financial Literacy (Discontinued after 2023-2024)

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Access Points

Discuss why people choose jobs other than income factors.
Explain why people choose to obtain education or training as it relates to immediate and future costs.
Identify ways people make informed decisions about options by comparing the benefits and costs
Describe the reasons why the job market pays workers differently
Explain the reasons why changes in the economy can cause changes in a worker’s job status or income.
Identify that various taxes are paid to three levels of government to provide goods and services to individuals.
Describe how income earned and income spent affect the amount of taxes paid.

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Lesson Plans

Frankling Roosevelt Fireside Chats - Social Security :

In this lesson, students will become familiar with Franklin D. Roosevelt and his use of the radio to communicate with the American people one of the New Deal programs, Social Security. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Art as a Career:

In part 1 of this unit, students identified the work of several local artists. They became familiar with various visual art related careers. In this lesson, part 2, students will choose one visual art related career to research in order to determine requisite skills, identify qualifications, analyze supply-and-demand, compare market location, and estimate potential earnings for the chosen career.

Type: Lesson Plan

Factors Affecting Income:

Students will conduct research to synthesize information on two different career choices, their education requirements, and necessary technical skills then analyze how different factors can affect income, in this lesson plan.

Type: Lesson Plan

Job Recruitment Simulation:

Students will examine factors that are most important to them in a job while weighing pros and cons of different choices as they take part in an online job recruitment simulation. Presented with job offers from three very different organizations within their fictional career field, students must accept one of the offers considering advancement opportunities, work environment, location, salary, and more in this interactive lesson plan.

Type: Lesson Plan

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