Standard 1: Earning Income

General Information
Number: SS.4.FL.1
Title: Earning Income
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 4
Strand: Financial Literacy

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Access Points

Identify different skills with different types of jobs.
Recognize that people get paid for their work.
Recognize that workers are paid in different ways for different jobs.
Identify interest income from people borrowing money.
Recognize income can be earned by renting to others.
Recognize that people who own a business can make money.
Recognize that entrepreneurs are people who start new businesses.
Recognize taxes are used to pay for government goods and services.

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Lesson Plans

Emergency Savings:

Students will use their multiplication skills to explore the importance of taxes and how the government uses tax revenues to save for unforeseen emergencies, in this integrated lesson plan.

Type: Lesson Plan

No Lemons Only Limes: Now What? :

Using the case study, When Life Gives You Limes, students will discuss that goods can vary in price depending on supply. Students will work in groups to reimagine a lemonade stand business with a new product. To resolve conflict, they will also come up with strategies that were used as a group to brainstorm ideas on how to change their product. This will allow the students to decide what to do with their new product and which product to create using the materials that they have.


Type: Lesson Plan

Text Resource

Case Study: When Life Gives You Limes:

Using this case study, students can discuss how products can be changed to make a business successful.

Type: Text Resource

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