Cluster 1: Text Types and PurposesArchived

General Information
Number: LAFS.K12.W.1
Title: Text Types and Purposes
Type: Cluster
Subject: English Language Arts - Archived
Grade: K12
Strand: Writing Standards

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Lesson Plans

Gr 9-12 Environmental Factors of the Everglades, Lesson 1: The Heart of a Watershed :

In small groups, students build a model landscape to illustrate the uniqueness of the Kissimmee-Lake Okeechobee-Everglades (K-O-E) watershed and use a model to demonstrate how alterations have affected it.

Type: Lesson Plan

States of Matter and Their Properties - Building the Model Lesson #3:

This lesson is an introduction to some of the basic principles of computer programming. Scratch is a block language that allows for programming without writing test code by using pre-made blocks that can be connected to create more complex functionality. This is the final lesson in the Phases of Matter Unit and will allow the students to showcase their understanding of states and properties of matter in a new medium.

Type: Lesson Plan

Demonstrating Understanding of Richard Wright's Rite of Passage:

After reading Richard Wright's short novel Rite of Passage, students will demonstrate their understanding of plot, character, and conflict by writing recommendations for the protagonists' future to a juvenile court system judge.

Type: Lesson Plan

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