United States Coast Guard Leadership and Operations 1   (#1804300)

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Course Standards

General Course Information and Notes

Version Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the principles of citizenship and leadership through an understanding of the United States Coast Guard history and operations. 

General Notes

This course is intended for students in grade 9 or 10 so that they will have the ability to complete all four courses in the program.

English Language Development (ELD) Standards Special Notes Section:

Teachers are required to provide listening, speaking, reading and writing instruction that allows English language learners (ELL) to communicate for social and instructional purposes within the school setting.   For the given level of English language proficiency and with visual, graphic, or interactive support, students will interact with grade level words, expressions, sentences and discourse to process or produce language necessary for academic success. The ELD standard should specify a relevant content area concept or topic of study chosen by curriculum developers and teachers which maximizes an ELL’s need for communication and social skills. To access an ELL supporting document which delineates performance definitions and descriptors, please click on the following link: https://cpalmsmediaprod.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/docs/standards/eld/si.pdf.

Version Requirements

Students will be required to participate in physical fitness training, volunteer activities and wear the USCG uniform periodically as directed by the instructor. 


Teacher candidates must be approved by the United States Coast Guard.

General Information

Course Number: 1804300
Abbreviated Title: USCG Leadership Operations 1
Number of Credits: One (1) credit
Course Length: Year (Y)
Course Type: Elective Course
Course Level: 2
Course Status: Course Approved
Grade Level(s): 9,10,11,12
Graduation Requirement: Electives

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Virtual Manipulative

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