Occupational Therapist   (#0052017)

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The job assignment numbers and titles, which comprise Section 2 of the Florida Course Code Directory, contain information from the Department of Education, Information Data Base Requirements: Volume II - Appendix E, Job Code Assignments Coding Explanation, in the areas of Basic Education, Exceptional Student Education, Instruction/Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, School Administration, and Student Services. The certifications specified cover grade levels Prekindergarten through Adult Education. The specific educator certification coverages listed for this job code assignment are mandatory for all school-based and instructional personnel, as defined in ss. 1012.01 and 1012.55, Florida Statutes, and as otherwise required by law. The specific educator certification coverages listed are recommended for all district-based job code assignments.

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Course Number: 0052017
Abbreviated Title: OCCU THER
Course Status: Course Approved

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