Access Point #: SC.7.E.6.In.4

Identify physical evidence, such as fossils and sedimentary rock, which show how Earth has changed over a very long period of time.
General Information
Number: SC.7.E.6.In.4
Category: Independent
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Big Idea: Earth Structures : Over geologic time, internal and external sources of energy have continuously altered the features of Earth by means of both constructive and destructive forces. All life, including human civilization, is dependent on Earth's internal and external energy and material resources.

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Teaching Idea

Plate Tectonics:

It provides Plate Tectonics with evidence to explain the process of Earth evolution. Video presents how this theory makes sense in terms of the shape of different lands. Also, it presents other evidence to support Plate Tectonics.

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