Access Point #: SC.7.E.6.Su.1

Recognize that the surface of Earth is called the crust.
General Information
Number: SC.7.E.6.Su.1
Category: Supported
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Big Idea: Earth Structures : Over geologic time, internal and external sources of energy have continuously altered the features of Earth by means of both constructive and destructive forces. All life, including human civilization, is dependent on Earth's internal and external energy and material resources.

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Lesson Plan

7th Grade Plate Tectonics:

This lesson plan uses recent earthquakes as a learning opportunity. Students will learn what causes earthquakes to happen by going through a series of activities that allow them to explore the structure of Earth's interior, convection currents in the mantle, motion of tectonic plates, and the relationship between plate tectonics and earthquakes.

Type: Lesson Plan

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