Access Point #: SC.6.L.14.In.5

Recognize that bacteria and viruses can infect the human body.
General Information
Number: SC.6.L.14.In.5
Category: Independent
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Big Idea: Organization and Development of Living Organisms

A. All living things share certain characteristics.

B. The scientific theory of cells, also called cell theory, is a fundamental organizing principle of life on Earth.

C. Life can be organized in a functional and structural hierarchy.

D. Life is maintained by various physiological functions essential for growth, reproduction, and homeostasis.

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Educational Game

MEDMYST: Infectious Diseases:

In MedMyst: Original students use the scientific method and science process skills to investigate infectious disease outbreaks. In Mission One: Orientation At O.R.B., students get an introduction to infectious diseases and pathogens. In Mission Two: Peril in Prokaryon, students learn about infectious pathogens and epidemiology while investigating a cholera outbreak. In Mission Three: Nemesis in Neuropolis, students learn about viruses and vaccines while investigating a smallpox case. In Mission Four: Malady in Mabuufo, students learn about malaria, the history of malaria research, and disease vectors. In Mission Five: Zero Hour Zoonoses, students learn about zoonotic pathogens and the diseases they cause, while trying to prevent a bioterror attack. All five missions have a teacher's guide with worksheets and additional activities.

Type: Educational Game

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