Access Point #: SC.5.P.11.Pa.1

Recognize that electrical systems must be turned on (closed) in order to work.
General Information
Number: SC.5.P.11.Pa.1
Category: Participatory
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Big Idea: Energy Transfer and Transformations : A. Waves involve a transfer of energy without a transfer of matter.

B. Water and sound waves transfer energy through a material.

C. Light waves can travel through a vacuum and through matter.

Clarification for grades 5-8: The target understanding for Big Idea 11: Energy Transfer and Transformations, is the Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy is conserved as it transfers from one object to another and from one form to another.

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Lesson Plans

Let There Be Light!:

For students who have previously constructed complete circuits and tested for electrical conductors and insulators, this activity will put their knowledge to use and solve an energy crisis taking place in their neighborhood right now, by creating a series circuit and switch that returns control of their town's energy back to the Mayor. Thanks to the Super Energy Wizards!

Type: Lesson Plan

Transformation of Energy: Constructing an Electromagnet:

In this hands-on lesson, students will work in groups to construct an electromagnet.  This lesson focuses energy, forms of energy, and how energy is transformed in a circuit.  This lesson also can be used to address variables in an experiment, conductors and insulators, data tables and graphs, and open and closed circuits. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Unit/Lesson Sequence


The students will experiment to see how circuits work. They will also study a closed circuit such as a lightbulb. The students will also learn about conductors and insulators.

Type: Unit/Lesson Sequence

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