Access Point #: SC.5.P.10.In.2

Identify ways energy can cause things to move or create changes.
General Information
Number: SC.5.P.10.In.2
Category: Independent
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Big Idea: Forms of Energy

A. Energy is involved in all physical processes and is a unifying concept in many areas of science.

B. Energy exists in many forms and has the ability to do work or cause a change.

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5020060: Science - Grade Five
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Lesson Plan

Transformation of Energy: Constructing an Electromagnet:

In this hands-on lesson, students will work in groups to construct an electromagnet.  This lesson focuses energy, forms of energy, and how energy is transformed in a circuit.  This lesson also can be used to address variables in an experiment, conductors and insulators, data tables and graphs, and open and closed circuits. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Unit/Lesson Sequence

Electricity and Energy:

Students will learn about light energy including light waves with which the students will study shadows they make. They will also learn to relate certain forms of energy to real life scenarios by using illustrations. The students will learn how static electricity works and will even create some of their own in an experiment. They will also realize how light and heat energy are often involved in the same situations.

Type: Unit/Lesson Sequence

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