Access Point #: ELA.9.C.5.AP.2

Use an online platform to create and share publication-ready quality writing tailored to a specific audience.
General Information
Number: ELA.9.C.5.AP.2
Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 03/22

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0500370: Voluntary Public Service
1700380: Career Research and Decision Making
2400300: Leadership Skills Development
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1001800: Florida's Preinternational Baccalaureate English 1
1002300: English 1 Through ESOL
1006300: Journalism 1
1007300: Speech 1
1007340: Debate 2
1009300: Writing 1
1009320: Creative Writing 1
1001310: English 1
1001315: English 1 for Credit Recovery
1006375: Social Media 1
1002381: Developmental Language Arts Through ESOL (Reading)
7910120: Access English 1
1005345: Humane Letters 1 Literature
1005346: Humane Letters 1 Literature Honors
1006305: Fundamentals of Journalism

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