Access Point #: HE.6.B.4.In.cArchived Access Point

Use selected conflict- management or resolution strategies, such as talking to an adult, managing anger effectively, and using conflict mediators.

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0800000: M/J Health Grade 6 Year
0800030: M/J Health Grade 6 Semester
7820020: M/J Access Health: 6-8
0500000: M/J Personal, Career, and School Development Skills 1
0500002: M/J Personal, Career, School Development Skills 1 & Career Planning
1001010: M/J Language Arts 1
1001020: M/J Language Arts 1 Advanced
1002000: M/J Language Arts 1 Through ESOL
1400010: M/J Peer Counseling 2
1700060: M/J Career Research and Decision Making
7810011: Access M/J Language Arts 1 
2104010: M/J Engaged Citizenship through Service Learning 1
1400025: M/J Peers as Partners in Learning
0800005: M/J Health & Career Planning Grade 6 Year
0800035: M/J Health Grade 6 Semester and Career Planning

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