Access Point #: DA.912.C.3.In.0

Use defined criteria to evaluate a variety of dance performances.
General Information
Number: DA.912.C.3.In.0
Category: Independent
Date Adopted or Revised: 12/10

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0300330: Dance Techniques 3 Honors
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0300400: Dance Repertory 1
0300410: Dance Repertory 2
0300420: Dance Repertory 3 Honors
0300430: Dance Repertory 4 Honors
0300450: Dance History and Aesthetics 1
0300460: Dance History and Aesthetics 2 Honors
0300650: Florida's Preinternational Baccalaureate Dance
1305320: Eurhythmics 3
1305330: Eurhythmics 4
0300334: Dance Techniques 4 Honors
0300305: Introduction to Dance

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