Access Point #: VA.912.F.2.Su.e

Recognize selected community resources to preserve, restore, exhibit, and view works of art.
General Information
Number: VA.912.F.2.Su.e
Category: Supported
Date Adopted or Revised: 12/10

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0100310: Introduction to Art History
0100320: Art in World Cultures
0100330: Art History and Criticism 1 Honors
0100340: Art History and Criticism 2 Honors
0101310: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2
0101350: Three-Dimensional Studio Art 3 Honors
0102320: Ceramics/Pottery 3 Honors
0104350: Drawing 2
0104380: Painting 2
0107420: Film 2
0107450: Visual Technology 2
0108320: Creative Photography 2
0110310: Printmaking 2
0111330: Sculpture 3 Honors
0113310: Architectural Design and Drawing 2
0113320: Architectural Design and Drawing 3 Honors
0114810: Florida's Preinternational Baccalaureate Art 2
0101450: Fine Craft Studio Art 2
0108380: Digital Art Imaging 2

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