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FCR-STEMLearn has a long and distinguished history of providing Florida’s STEM educators with professional development programs that are not only relevant and rigorous, but also fun! Our teams of faculty and expert trainers work together to provide mathematics and science teachers with a rich learning experience designed to help strengthen their content knowledge, practice, and confidence in their abilities to teach STEM at the secondary level.

Overall, the FCR-STEMLearn program provides an enriching, engaging, and exciting experience for teachers to strengthen their content knowledge and grow in their practice. Teams of teachers, working and learning together, provide networking opportunities for each other as they plan for the next school year and Florida students will be the ultimate beneficiary as they see that integrated mathematics and science can be meaningful, useful, and fun!

The program format is similar across the seven different training tracks. Please read the rest of this page to review the program details and click on the individual track buttons below to learn about the specifics of that track.








Program Phases & Components

There are two required phases in this program plus Research and Evaluation questionnaires to complete.

Required Phase I: Summer Institutes

Program participants will attend summer institutes over two non-consecutive weeks led by university faculty. The summer institutes will focus on strengthening content knowledge and pedagogy.

  • Week one: See the track you are interested in for dates/location
  • Week two: will bring together the participants from all the FCR-STEMLearn institutes around the state during August 1 - 3 (Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida). This will provide more in depth sessions in the content area as well as offer additional and customized learning experiences. Hotel accommodations will provided if you meet the eligibility requirements (see frequently asked questions).

Required Phase II: 2016-2017 School Year Classroom Implementation

  • Participants will be provided access to follow-up lesson plans and instructional resources that support the transfer of new knowledge to the classroom.
  • Participants will be required to teach at least one lesson for each of the instructional units specified in the program.
  • The participant has the flexibility of setting up the schedule of when these lessons are implemented in the classrooms.
  • The participant will be required to complete a follow-up survey after teaching each of the lessons.
  • Often these materials require 3D printed kits, sensors, or software applications. Teachers will be provided these specialized supplies that are necessary to successfully implement these lessons.
  • Some of the schools where these participants are from will be provided access to a 3D printer along with the software so they can print these kits locally and on demand.

Required: Research and Evaluation

The sole purpose of the evaluation program is to assess the quality and impacts of the professional development program, not to evaluate individual participants, schools, or districts. Neither your name nor your school’s name will be reported. There will be a series of pre-tests and post-tests as well as the follow-up feedback forms for the lessons used during the school year. No specific score is required to qualify and participants should not do any special preparation or use outside help to complete these questionnaires.


Participant Benefits

  • Upon completion of ALL program requirements related to Summer Institutes, the post-tests, and selecting the lessons that the participant plans on using in their classroom, the participant will earn a $1,000 stipend. Hotel accommodations will be provided for eligible participants. Please see the frequently asked questions for more information.
  • Attend the 2016 FCR-STEM Conference. Both the conference registration (valued at $435) and lodging (if qualified based on the information shown in the FAQ section ) will be covered.
  • Access unique curricular resources along with access to the FCR-STEM/MySTEMKits 3D printed kits and curriculum when applicable. Some of the schools of participating teachers will receive 3D printers and be among the first to have access to the MySTEMKits software.
  • Participants in some of the tracks will receive probeware/sensors kits that will be used for conducting experiments in the classroom.
  • Participants will receive training to different freely available software applications related to their field.
  • Overall value of the kits, sensors, curriculum, and stipend can add up to $4,000 in value.
  • Working closely with university faculty who have not only a deep understanding of the content, but also knowledge of the latest research and findings in their areas.
  • District in-service points; each district determines the number of points or credit earned for teacher participants.
  • An opportunity to work with other secondary STEM teachers in your region and build your professional network.
  • Receive training on CPALMS.
  • Receive the FCR-STEMLearn Certificate after completing all the required phases.



You must meet all these requirements in order to apply:

  • Active classroom teacher of one or multiple courses for the specific track (see track for eligibility/target audience information)
  • Your administration should agree to your participation prior to you submitting your application
  • Did not previously participate in the same FCR-STEMLearn track
  • Commitment to complete all the required phases


Apply Now

Applicants will be notified of their provisional acceptance within a few days of application submission.



FCR-STEMLearn is developed and provided by the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) at the Florida State University in partnership with approximately 55 Florida school districts. The current FCR-STEMLearn program is funded by the US Department of Education's Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program through the Florida Department of Education.


Frequently Asked Questions


If I participated in a past FCR-STEMLearn Summer Institute or BIOSCOPES, may I attend FCR-STEMLearn Summer Institutes again?
The content covered in each FCR-STEMLearn Institute will be similar to prior years’ corresponding FCR-STEMLearn Institutes and/or BIOSCOPES.  Thus, if you attended a previous institute, you are NOT eligible to attend the same institute again.

Can I attend the training if I am a school or district coach rather than a classroom teacher?
No. It is a program requirement that attendees are classroom teachers. A coach with a teaching assignment can apply.

What is the attendance policy for the summer training?
Attendance throughout the full two-week summer institute is required. The two weeks of training will NOT be consecutive. Participants are required to attend the institute in its entirety. Please do not schedule personal appointments during your Summer Institute face-to-face training weeks.

What are the daily Summer Institute hours?

Week 1: The daily meeting times will be 8:00 to 4:30 on Monday through Thursday and 8:00 to 2:00 on Friday. Please plan to arrive prior to 8:00 so that we can start promptly at 8:00 AM.
Week 2: The daily meeting times will be 8:00 to 4:30 on Monday and Tuesday and from 8:00 to 3:30 on Wednesday. Please plan to arrive prior to 8:00 so that we can start promptly at 8:00 AM. 

I can only attend one week of the training, but not both. Should I apply?
No. Participants are required to attend both weeks of the Summer Institute. Please see attendance policy above for further details.

Payment and Lesson Kits

How will I be paid?
Check or direct deposit.

What forms do I have to complete to get paid at the end of the program?
Every participant will be required to complete the FSU vendor registration form and a direct deposit form (for direct deposit). These forms will be communicated to you along with instructions during the spring. You are required to complete and return these forms to continue to be in the program and eventually get paid.

When will the stipend be sent out to participants?
The $1,000 stipend will be paid upon completion of the summer program, the post-tests, and selecting the lessons that the participant plans on using in their classroom.

Which 3D printed kits and sensors/probe ware will I receive? How many kits will I receive?
Each track has a follow-up program that includes multiple lessons for each of the units of study within the PD program. Participants will have the choice of the lesson they choose to implement for each unit and flexibility of time implementation during the school year. At the end of the summer program, the participants will be required to complete a plan for what lessons they choose and when they plan to use them in their classroom. The sensors/probe-ware and/or 3D kits that are required to implement a lesson will be provided to the participant as a classroom kit. A classroom kit is defined based on what the lesson requires and these requirements will be communicated with the descriptions of the lessons when the participant creates their follow-up program. Tablets and computers are not provided to participants but tablets/mobile devices are required for using the sensors/probe-ware.


How do I determine if I qualify for travel?
We are required to adhere to FSU travel policy; the steps to determine if you qualify for hotel accommodations:

  • In which city is your school located?
  • Type in and select your school’s city and the summer institute city using the state approved mileage calculator. Link to mileage calculator:
  • If the calculation is 51 miles or greater, you will qualify for hotel accommodations.

What does travel include?
Teachers who qualify for travel will receive overnight hotel accommodations for attending the institutes. FCR-STEM will pay for the booking at the group’s designated hotel; at check-in the hotel will likely require you to provide a personal credit card for incidentals. You will receive hotel check-in details approximately two weeks before the institute start date. We will not reimburse any associated travel costs beyond the hotel accommodations provided (no meals, transportation, tolls, incidentals, etc.).

I do not qualify for travel according to FSU’s travel policy above and this means I will have to drive more than 50 miles each way to attend the Summer Institute. What should I do?
The FSU travel policy does not allow any exceptions. Even in cases such as this, there is nothing we can do. If you do not qualify for travel, then you may choose to attend the training knowing in advance that travel will not be offered.


How many PD points/credits will I earn?
Each district determines the number of inservice points or credit awarded for teacher participants. Neither FCR-STEM nor FSU can directly award inservice points to participants, but we will work with district professional development contacts to verify teachers’ participation and program completion.

Where can I access information on the FCR-STEMLearn program?

What are the Laptop/Technology Requirements?
A laptop is required (tablets and iPads will not suffice for the Summer Institutes). If you do not have a work or personal laptop, please make arrangements to borrow one from your school. Laptops should be wireless capable and have a current browser (Internet Explorer 10 or later, Safari 5 or later, Firefox 23 or later, Chrome 28 or later) and the free Microsoft Silverlight plugin which can be downloaded from



Please contact us at if you have any questions.