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Every resource shared on CPALMS must first go through a rigorous criteria-based review. Peer educators and subject matter experts provide reviews and constructive feedback. A web-based system facilitates the review process, so after training all you have to do is log in, push a button, and begin reviewing a resource. The entire process is designed as a professional development activity that supports the contributor’s building rigorous and standards-driven instructional materials. The process also builds a community of curriculum leaders who work together to create the best resources to support the implementation of the standards.

The rule is simple: each and every resource on CPALMS goes through the rigorous review process where it is reviewed by at least one educator and one subject area expert and it is only shared if it is high-quality and supports the implementation of the aligned standard(s). CPALMS is one of the few if not the only website of this size where all the resources have gone through such a rigorous review process prior to publishing them.

CPALMS Approved Seal
The CPALMS seal of approval means high quality!
Only the best and highest quality resources get published on CPALMS. It takes an average of five reviews and multiple revisions before a resource gets published and earns this seal. After all, we want the best for our educators and students.


What is involved in the review?

The intelligent CPALMS review system assigns a customized review workflow for each individual resource based on the subject, grade, aligned standards, projects, etc. The review process includes at least one teacher who teaches the same grades and subjects. In addition, each resource is reviewed by a subject area expert who is often a PhD in the subject area. The reviewers are all trained and mentored through the review process to ensure the highest-quality and professional reviews. The system builds a review rubric based on the main criteria items listed below and the type of review needed at each level in the process. Each resource is treated with utmost care and attention.


appropriate target audience and instructional strategy
content accuracy

the content is 100% accurate and addresses the aligned standard(s)
standards alignment

the resource directly addresses the related standard(s)

easy to understand and follow instructions
ease of use

well explained for perfect implementation

includes the materials that it calls for
and more...

everything else that helps making it an excellent resource
editing & compliance

well formatted webpages that are uniformly formatted

is the content appropriate to share with teachers and/or students








Who are the reviewers?

There are more than 600 reviewers on CPALMS including subject area experts, expert teachers, and editors. Each reviewer has been trained and mentored by the CPALMS subject coordinators. The reviewers include university faculty, in-service teachers, and specialists.


Testimonials from Educators

Here are comments from participants in the review process and other users who value the review process: