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Welcome to the CPALMS Charter

Webinar - Introduction to CPALMS Charter
This webinar is intended to introduce CPALMS Charter to our charter audience and we discuss the differences between CPALMS and CPALMS Charter. In addition, this webinar walks you through the key features of CPALMS Charter and shows you some wonderful apps available on CPALMS. Please feel free to view this webinar and then email Michelle Kendrick at with any questions or concerns.
We would love for you to join our membership and begin contributing to the growth of fellow teachers and school leaders.

About the CPALMS Charter
Welcome to CPALMS Charter, the official online learning community for charter school teachers and leaders. We hope that your experience here will be one that provides an abundance of resources and thought provoking materials. CPALMS Charter strives to be your one-stop shop for all things educational. Here you will find lesson plans, lesson units, and project ideas for all grade levels and all subject areas. In addition, there are some great professional development opportunities, video demonstrations, and discussion boards and blogs where we can all discuss ideas pertinent to charter schools.

At CPALMS Charter, you will find virtual tours of some top rated charter schools. There is also an abundance of photographs of student artifacts and teacher classrooms, including bulletin board ideas. We are also in the process of creating webinars (live and archived) on subjects that range from creating teacher work space to effective teaching strategies to information on teacher evaluations.

For the leaders of charter schools, this site includes discussion forums on the different teacher evaluation plans, a description of the different plans and sample documents to assist you in your evaluations. There is also a resource list and webinars that focus on leader’s professional development and growth.

The developers of CPALMS Charter hope that you find your experience here exceptional and that you will spread the word to other teachers and leaders to join. We would also love for you to begin submitting your own resources for review so that the collection here at CPALMS Charter can be the most dynamic around.


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