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CPALMS Charter is a project designed to support charter school teachers and leaders across the State of Florida in providing standards-based instruction through the implementation of the CPALMS' resources and tools. CPALMS provides access to thousands of high-quality and freely available instructional/educational resources, lesson planning tools, and a host of other intriguing classroom tools that can be used to help students succeed. Funded by the Office of Independent Education & School Choice at the Florida Department of Education, the CPALMS Charter project provides face-to-face and online professional development to Florida's charter schools. Watch the ten-minute video below for more details on the tools and resources available at CPALMS.

Current Feature: CPALMS Beyond Standards K-5 Math Video Series

CPALMS Beyond Standards logo

The CPALMS Beyond Standards video series serves to facilitate a deeper understanding and effective implementation of the K-5 mathematics standards for educators throughout the state. As we explore the meaning behind the standards, strategies for instructional success, and student responses to various approaches, teachers have an opportunity to gain insight from leading researchers in education as well as hear directly from fellow teachers who are putting tried-and-true methods into practice in the field.
Click here to start watching or to learn more about this series.


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