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CPALMS Spotlight


A Sneak Peek of the New CPALMS Design

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Instructional Resources - What's New?

Resource Submissions

Status of Published Resources

Resource Submissions

Our target was to publish 2,200 instructional and educational resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, English language arts, and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for science by June 2014. The CPALMS team has already surpassed this goal. Educators submitted more than 600 new resources over the course of the first quarter in 2013, bringing the total to a stunning 9,126 submissions. More than 3,200 resources are now published on CPALMS, and many more are under review. More than 2,000 of these resources are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We are publishing new resources daily to help educators implement the standards.

We project that we will have more than 5,000 resources published by end of June 2014.


At CPALMS, we believe high-quality lesson and unit planning is essential to student success. Through our Lesson Plan Development Initiative (lpdi), teachers are offered a professional development program that leads to the development of lesson plans that meet the rigorous CPALMS quality standards. This training focuses on the Common Core, emphasize a backwards design approach, incorporate research-supported components in each lesson, and use effective peer-review strategies. More than 400 teachers will participate in this initiative this summer to create hundreds of new original lessons on CPALMS. The lpdi lessons have been getting praises for their detail and quality.




Resource reviews

CPALMS has the best collection of standards-aligned teaching resources on the web, thanks to our rigorous review process. Peer educators and subject area experts vet each resource before it is published on CPALMS. This process, which ensures only the highest-quality resources make it to the website, is designed as a professional development experience for participants who share their resources. The review provides constructive feedback to the submitter and helps all of us build the best resources we can as a team. More than 5,000 teacher and subject expert reviews were submitted during the first quarter in 2013.




CMAP Time - Interactive Curriculum Planning in iCPALMS

Finally, a curriculum planner for the 21st century!

My Planner from iCPALMS includes the curriculum planning tool CMAP that makes planning lessons, units, and courses easy. CMAP automatically recommends standards based on the courses you teach. And if you teach math, science, or English language arts, it can even recommend CPALMS-approved teaching resources. CMAP allows you to build curriculum maps with just a few simple clicks, and C-Schedule ensures everything is aligned to your school calendar. Join the thousands of users that are using the CMAP and discover how planning courses is finally simple and powerful. Watch this short video to see how easy it is use the CMAP.

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To get started, login to your iCPALMS account and use the "My Planner" app. You can watch the related tutorials under "Related Tips/Tutorials" within iCPALMS.


CPALMS perspectives

Perspective Status Chart

perspectives — A Standards-based Mini Video Series

The CPALMS perspectives initiative seeks to provide brief video resources (less than 5 minutes) that are aligned with standards and that highlight experiences and thoughts regarding math and science from experts, teachers, professionals, and skilled enthusiasts. More than 50 videos are now available. Our goal is to produce 200 by June of 2014.

Below are some examples:


Model Eliciting Activities (MEAs) - an Introduction Video

CPALMS is building 500+ MEAs and will be completed by June of 2014. MEAs are are open-ended, engineering-based interdisciplinary problems that require students to create solutions in the form of mathematical and scientific models that reveal their thinking about concepts embedded in the problem. CPALMS recently released a new video introducing MEAs and showcasing some teacher Testimonials after they used them in their own classrooms. Click on the following image to watch the video:
MEA introduction video


CPALMS Lesson Study Resource Kits

Two lesson study resource kits are now released on CPALMS

Lesson study resource kits provide teams with a structure for engaging in the curriculum study aspect of lesson study. A resource kit includes research on the content relevant to a given topic as well as any research related to the teaching and learning of the topic. Resource kits may also include formative assessment tasks, lesson plans and resources, and informational texts that relate to the topic under investigation. These kits not only provide research and exemplary resources for the teams but also include guiding questions designed to focus the team's inquiry to derive the fullest possible benefit from interactions with the kit. Below are two CPALMS Resource Kits:

Lesson Study Support System

The iCPALMS Lesson Study Support System has been widely adopted since it was launched in September of 2012. More than 2,000 teams have been leveraging this support system to guide them through lesson study and serve as a collaborative planning tool.


An Expert View: A Live and on Demand Webinar Series

Several on demand Webinars are available. Below is the list of recently added Webinars. Please feel free to recommend speakers/topics by sending us an email to


Dissemination — 2,500 Teachers Trained in the First Quarter of 2013

More than 110 workshops/presentations and 300+ training hours have been delivered during the last three months. More than 2,500 teachers around the state have been trained on the use of CPALMS and iCPALMS. Many schools and districts are requesting their free training sessions and our schedule is filling up quickly. Click on the button below to request your free and on-site training session.

Request your free on-site training today

Below is a chart of teacher trainees per district (duration: 1/1/13 - 3/31/13):

teacher trainees by district


Are you an iCPALMS User?

More than 16,000 users have signed up to use iCPALMS since it was released in August. Teachers have already created thousands of curriculum plans using the CMAP and more than 12 million notifications connecting educators to excellent resources they need. Please click on the play button below to view a short introduction to iCPALMS.

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Click here to sign up for a free iCPALMS account »     Watch a tutorial to help you create an iCPALMS account »

iCPALMS is a free platform with embedded web apps, services, content, and professional development that together help bridge standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment through collaboration and customization by individual users. Some of the iCPALMS apps are highlighted below:

Gto Apps


Who is Using CPALMS

Informative Analytics

Where are the users located?

Exciting progress in creating new accounts and notifications

User Testimonials

Learn what other educators have to say! More than 60 Testimonials are now available. Click on the following graphic to access the videos:

What do educators say about CPALMS?


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