iCPALMS App: Standards Progression Mapping

Standards Porgression Mapping app

A unique tool that allows you to build your own standards progression maps!
With the iCPALMS Standards Progression Mapping app, iCPALMS users can create their own standards progression maps to assist with curriculum planning and understanding the relationships between standards using a highly interactive tool. A fully customizable yet very easy to use this interactive tool. Define your colors, shapes and build "living" maps that will automatically bring in the latest and related information for each standard/benchmark. Related information includes the CPALMS resources, related courses, access points, and assessment information.

The CPALMS standards progression maps are visual representations of the flow of concepts and skills contained in educational standards. These maps are useful for understanding how standards relate to each other. They may be used to address curriculum planning needs or for assisting students that are falling behind or need additional material to move ahead.

The CPALMS team led the development of several maps for science, math, and English language arts using this tool. Click here to access some of these maps.

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