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Finally, a curriculum planner for the 21st century!
My Planner from iCPALMS makes planning lessons, units, and courses fun and easy. The app automatically recommends standards based on the courses you teach. And if you teach math, science, or English language arts, it can even recommend CPALMS-approved teaching resources. The interactive CMAP planner allows you to build curriculum maps with just a few simple clicks, and C-Schedule ensures everything is aligned to your school calendar. With intelligent recommendations and a simple interface, the planner app is designed to help you do the work.

The Planner app provides three main components that make planning dynamic, and interactive:

Class: You start by creating a class and connecting it to your official Florida course (e.g., Algebra 1). With this information, My Planner will make sure everything it recommends is relevant to the standards you have to teach for your courses.

CMAP: The CMAP tool (short demo is included below) enable you to drag and drop topics, standards, resources and other information to design your curriculum maps. CMAP intelligently filters the information based on what you are working on to make the sequencing and planning much more efficient and fun. You’ll save time and be more confident in your planning knowing that every standard is state-adopted and every resource has been vetted by CPALMS.

C-Schedule: a scheduling tool that adapts to everyone’s school calendar and teaching schedule. C-Schedule enables you to set every class period for the entire school year in just a few minutes. When the system knows your schedule, you can see what you planned for every session along with new recommendations right from your calendar.

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Quick Demo

The following is a quick demo of this iCPALMS web app.

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