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Common Core State Standards

CPALMS is the official source of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and course descriptions in Florida. CPALMS is supporting the implementation of these standards by providing thousands of instructional/educational resources that has been vetted by teachers and subject area experts for content, presentation, accuracy, and alignment to these standards.

The CCSS standards: access the standards and all related resources. Please choose the CCSS subject from the first drop down.

Course Descriptions: access the latest course descriptions. You can search by course title or course number.

iCPALMS Tools: learn more about the iCPALMS platform and tools that give you custom resource notifications, planning apps, and much more.

DOE CCSS Site: find out more about what the FL DOE is doing to implement the CCSS.

CCSS Implementation Timeline: access the Common Core implementation timeline in Florida.

CPALMS Spotlight: view the CPALMS Spotlight newsletter that provides an update on the different things that we are working on to support the implementation of the standards.


The iCPALMS platform has 14 great web apps. Join the thousands and learn how iCPALMS can be your assistant. Please click on one of the following links to get started:

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