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lesson study support system app

The CPALMS Lesson Study Support System (LSSS) provides teams of teachers engaged in lesson study, with a systematic, step-by-step platform for collaborating in the research, design, implementation, and analysis of standards-based instructional units that serve as vehicles for researching student learning. In addition to assisting teachers in the research of pedagogy and content relevant to Florida’s K-12 academic standards, the LSSS serves lesson study teams as a:

Communication and Record-Keeping Tool: The LSSS provides lesson study teams with a means of keeping their members informed of meeting and planning schedules. It also serves as a virtual record of all team activities related to the lesson study cycle.

Resource Repository: The Research and Planning functions of the LSSS enable teams to maintain links to resources used during the cycle, as well as providing teams with a tool for indexing and summarizing research and CPALMS resources.

Platform for Sharing Lesson Study Toolkits: The LSSS affords lesson study teams with the opportunity to share their experiences and resources in the form of lesson study toolkits.

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