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With lesson study becoming more popular in Florida, CPALMS is dedicated to support Florida's educators through providing professional development opportunities, an online lesson study support system within iCPALMS, and interactive lesson study resource kits. In collaboration with other projects at FCR-STEM, CPALMS has been engaged with thousands of educators that are participating in lesson study cycles around the state.

Professional development on lesson study is being provided to teams participating in the development of the resource kits, through state teacher conferences (e.g., FCR-STEM, FAST, FCTM, etc.), in collaboration with other projects such as BIOSCOPES, and several other venues.

Click here to download a handout with a brief overview of Lesson Study and the CPALMS Lesson Study Support initiative.


Lesson Study Support System (LSSS)

The CPALMS Lesson Study Support System (LSSS) provides teams of teachers engaged in lesson study, with a systematic, step-by-step platform for collaborating in the research, design, implementation, and analysis of standards-based instructional units that serve as vehicles for researching student learning. In addition to assisting teachers in the research of pedagogy and content relevant to Florida’s K-12 academic standards, the LSSS serves lesson study teams as a:

The following is a quick demo of the iCPALMS Lesson Study Support System app. Try it now in your iCPALMS account. Please note that this app is not added in your iCPALMS account by default. You can simply add it by following the instructions under the "Add App" section.


Interactive Lesson Study Resource Kits

Checkout the available toolkits in either PDF format or interactive format that can launch a lesson study cycle in the LSSS.

Lesson study resource kits provide lesson study teams with a structure for engaging in in-depth curriculum study relevant to a given topic. These resource kits serve as guides for future teams that are working to improve teaching and learning of a given topic. A toolkit generally consists of research related to the content or pedagogy related to the topic under investigation and may also include formative assessment tasks, lesson Resource, and complex informational texts as well.

CPALMS will create at least twelve resource kits for mathematics, science, and English/language arts. A toolkit for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 will be created for each of the three subject areas.

The CPALMS lesson study resource kits are provided as interactive resource kits that are embedded within the Lesson Study Support System (LSSS) and in PDF format. Teams have access to the interactive resource kits related to their research focus directly within the LSSS. Teams are able to start a lesson study cycle from a toolkit or simply add the toolkit to an existing cycle under Step 2 and after choosing the research focus and selecting the grades, domains, etc. The following are example toolkits provided in PDF and also in the LSSS as an interactive toolkit:

Resource Kits in PDF Format l Interactive Resource Kits in LSSS


Lesson Study Resource Kits in PDF Format

Please note that we encourage the use of the Lesson Study Support System and the interactive resource kits. However, the PDF version of the CPALMS published resource kits is provided for your convenience.


Interactive Lesson Study Resource Kits within Lesson Study Support System

Please note that you need to be logged in to CPALMS in order to add the resource kit to the Lesson Study Support System. You can add it in two ways: 1) click on the resource kit below then you can add it from the following page; or 2) you can add it within the Lesson Study Support System app on Step 2 Task 2.