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Help me Find my Relationship!

Resource ID#: 38211

Primary Type: Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will investigate the relationship between angles when parallel lines are cut by a transversal. Students will identify angles, find angle measures, and they will use the free application GeoGebra (see download link under Suggested Technology) to provide students with a visual representation of angles relationships.
Subject(s): Mathematics
Grade Level(s): 8
Intended Audience: Educators
Suggested Technology: Computer for Presenter, Internet Connection, LCD Projector, Java Plugin, GeoGebra Free Software (Download the Free GeoGebra Software)
Instructional Time: 2 Hour(s)
Freely Available: Yes
Keywords: Transversal, interior angles, exterior angles, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles
Instructional Component Type(s): Lesson Plan
Instructional Design Framework(s): Direct Instruction