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Health Literacy, Communication, and Self-Advocacy Instruction for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

The goal of My Health Care is to empower persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) to better meet their own health and wellness needs through improved communication with providers, the use of adaptive tools, and development of self-advocacy skills. The project is funded by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (FDDC) and was developed in partnership with the University of South Florida.

My Health Care is organized around the mnemonic “GLADD,” a teaching model developed at University of Florida’s Institute for Child Health Policy. GLADD serves as a reminder about important skills to use when communicating with health care providers and others: Give (information)-Listen- Ask (questions)-Decide-Do (follow through on the action plan).

My Health Care activities within the GLADD model include:

  • Being prepared with questions and issues to discuss at office visits
  • Providing a health summary to the physician
  • Being assertive when communicating and paying attention to body language
  • Using rating scales and visual aids to communicate health issues
  • Learning negotiating skills; providing feedback to the physician
  • Utilizing caregivers to assist with communication
  • Recording communication with physician to enhance information recall andcomprehension
  • Utilizing technology to improve health care communication and self-management
  • In addition to using GLADD to guide skill-building, learners are introduced toother fun and easy-to-remember mnemonics such as SLANT (Sit up-Lean in-Askquestions-Nod-Track the speaker; to use when talking to a provider) and Handy High 5 (Who-What-When-Where-Why; to use in describing a medical event orcondition).


Instructional Resources

The following resources are available for the implementation of My Health Care:

Instructor Videos

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Instructor and Learner Guides

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Bingo Cards

Caregiver Handout (for Parents/Family)

Promotional Flyer (general information about the program)