Standard #: MA.8.AR.4.3

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Given a mathematical or real-world context, solve systems of two linear equations by graphing.


Clarification 1: Instruction includes approximating non-integer solutions.

Clarification 2: Within this benchmark, it is the expectation to represent systems of linear equations in slope-intercept form only.

Clarification 3: Instruction includes recognizing that parallel lines have the same slope.

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MA.8.AR.4.AP.3 Given two sets of coordinates for two lines, plot the lines on a coordinate plane and describe or select the solution to a system of linear equations.

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Formative Assessments

Name Description
Solving System of Linear Equations by Graphing

Students are asked to solve a system of linear equations by graphing.

Identify the Solution

Students are asked to identify the solutions of systems of equations from their graphs and justify their answers.

Lesson Plan

Name Description
My Candles are MELTING!

In this lesson, students will apply their knowledge to model a real-world linear situation in a variety of ways. They will analyze a situation in which 2 candles burn at different rates. They will create a table of values, determine a linear equation, and graph each to determine if and when the candles will ever be the same height. They will also determine the domain and range of their functions and determine whether there are constraints on their functions.

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