What's the Weather?

Resource ID#: 4981 Type: Lesson Plan

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General Information

Subject(s): Science
Grade Level(s): 2
Intended Audience: Educators educators
Suggested Technology: Computer for Presenter, Internet Connection, LCD Projector, Speakers/Headphones, Computer Media Player
Instructional Time: 3 Hour(s)
Keywords: water, water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, wind, clouds, seasons, tornado, environment, weather, climate, atmosphere, hydrosphere, solid, liquid, gas, water vapor, phase, state, observation, pattern, measure, predict
Instructional Component Type(s): Lesson Plan Worksheet Video/Audio/Animation
Instructional Design Framework(s): Learning Cycle (e.g., 5E)
Resource Collection: General Collection

Aligned Standards

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Aligned Access Points

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Ask questions and make observations about things in the natural world.

Describe and compare outside daily temperatures as warm or cold.

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