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Compare Numbers

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Primary Type: Formative Assessment

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Students are given pairs of numbers written in scientific notation and are asked to compare them multiplicatively.

General Information

Subject(s): Mathematics
Grade Level(s): 8
Intended Audience: Educators
Freely Available: Yes
Keywords: MFAS, one-digit numbers, powers of ten, compare
Instructional Component Type(s): Formative Assessment
Resource Collection: MFAS Formative Assessments

Aligned Standards

Name Description
MAFS.8.EE.1.3: Use numbers expressed in the form of a single digit times an integer power of 10 to estimate very large or very small quantities, and to express how many times as much one is than the other. For example, estimate the population of the United States as 3 × and the population of the world as 7 × , and determine that the world population is more than 20 times larger.