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Balance Challenge Game

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Primary Type: Virtual Manipulative

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Play with objects on a teeter totter to learn about balance.

  • Predict how objects of various masses can be used to make a plank balance.
  • Predict how changing the positions of the masses on the plank will affect the motion of the plank
  • Write rules to predict which way plank will tilt when objects are placed on it.
  • Use your rules to solve puzzles about balancing.
Subject(s): Science
Grade Level(s): 5, 6
Intended Audience: Educators , Students , Parents
Suggested Technology: Computers for Students, Speakers/Headphones, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java Plugin
Freely Available: Yes
Keywords: Balance, Rotational equilibrium, Proportional reasoning
Instructional Component Type(s): Virtual Manipulative
Resource Collection: Games and Simulations

Related Standards

Name Description
SC.5.P.13.1: Identify familiar forces that cause objects to move, such as pushes or pulls, including gravity acting on falling objects.
Annually assessed on Grade 5 Science FCAT 2.0. Also assesses SC.3.E.5.4 and SC.4.P.8.4.
SC.5.P.13.3: Investigate and describe that the more mass an object has, the less effect a given force will have on the object's motion.
SC.5.P.13.4: Investigate and explain that when a force is applied to an object but it does not move, it is because another opposing force is being applied by something in the environment so that the forces are balanced.
SC.6.P.13.2: Explore the Law of Gravity by recognizing that every object exerts gravitational force on every other object and that the force depends on how much mass the objects have and how far apart they are.