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Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

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Learn how the future President Theodore Roosevelt rose to national fame by fighting fearlessly in the Spanish-American War with his all-volunteer cavalry division: The Rough Riders.

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Subject(s): Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 11
Intended Audience: Students
Suggested Technology: Computers for Students, Internet Connection, Speakers/Headphones
Instructional Time: 6 Minute(s)
Keywords: Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, TR, Rough Riders, Spanish-American War, Cuba, San Juan Hill, Kettle Hill, tutorial
Instructional Component Type(s): Tutorial Video/Audio/Animation
Resource Collection: Social Studies - U.S. History Existing Student Tutorials

Aligned Standards

Name Description
SS.912.A.4.3: Examine causes, course, and consequences of the Spanish American War.
Examples may include, but are not limited to, Cuba as a protectorate, Yellow Journalism, sinking of the Maine, the Philippines, Commodore Dewey, the Rough Riders, acqusition of territories, the Treaty of Paris.

This benchmark is annually evaluated on the United States History End-of-Course Assessment. For more information on how this benchmark is evaluated view the United States History End-of-Course Assessment Test Item Specifications pages 27-28. Additional resources may be found on the FLDOE End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments webpage and the FLDOE Social Studies webpage.

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