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Life Then, Life Now

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Primary Type: Student Tutorial

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Learn to identify similarities and differences, use a Venn diagram, and describe connections in an informational text about life long ago with this interactive tutorial.

General Information

Subject(s): English Language Arts
Grade Level(s): 1
Intended Audience: Students
Keywords: ELA, Grade 1, Connections, Compare/Contrast, Alike and different, compare, contrast, informational text, comparison, relationships, similarities, English, reading, language arts, Venn diagram, comparisons, interactive, tutorials, elearning, e-learning
Instructional Component Type(s): Original Student Tutorial
Resource Collection: Original Student Tutorials for Language Arts - Grades K-5

Aligned Standards

Name Description
LAFS.1.RI.1.3: Describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.