Standard #: MU.4.S.1.1

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Improvise phrases, using familiar songs.


e.g., altering text, rhythm, pitch, melody

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7713010: Music: K-5 (Specifically in versions: 2013 - 2015, 2015 - 2019 (course terminated))
5013100: Music - Intermediate 2 (Specifically in versions: 2014 - 2015, 2015 - 2022, 2022 and beyond (current))
7713040: Access Music Grade 4 (Specifically in versions: 2018 - 2023, 2023 and beyond (current))

Related Access Points

Access Point Number Access Point Title
MU.4.S.1.In.a Improvise vocal or instrumental patterns using familiar songs.
MU.4.S.1.Pa.a Imitate simple vocal or instrumental patterns or songs.
MU.4.S.1.Su.a Perform simple vocal or instrumental patterns or songs.

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This document is the lesson plan and schedule for a week-long arts camp.

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