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Identify, define, and give examples of the elements of dance and/or principles of design to show how they give structure to a dance piece.


e.g., body, energy/effort, space, time, relationships

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Related Access Points

Access Point Number Access Point Title
DA.68.O.1.In.2 Investigate the positions, initiations, and movements within a given step.
DA.68.O.1.Pa.2 Imitate a movement sequence based on the elements of dance.
DA.68.O.1.Su.2 Identify the elements of dance in planned and improvised dance pieces to show awareness of structure.

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Lesson Plan

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Exploring Movement Through Poetry

In this resource, students will explore a poem by T. S. Eliot and, after close reading experiences, use it as a source of inspiration for creating original movement sequences. The elements of dance are manipulated as students explore various ways to create movement that reflects specific characters, behaviors, and themes. The integration of dance, reading, and writing provides multiple modes of learning, which helps students apply deeper meaning to new information.

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