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Related Standards: MAFS.4.NF.3.7
Reporting Category: Number and Operations - Fractions
Type: MS: Multiselect
Difficulty: N/A
Mr. Shelby bought a new plant. The plant grew 2.6 centimeters in the first week and 3.42 centimeters the second week.

Select all the true comparisons of the plant growth for the two weeks.


Answer Options:

A. 2.6>3.42

B. 3.42>2.6

C. 2.6<3.42

D. 3.42<2.6

E. 2.6=3.42

Aligned Standards

Code Description
MAFS.4.NF.3.7: Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. Recognize that comparisons are valid only when the two decimals refer to the same whole. Record the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, or <, and justify the conclusions, e.g., by using a visual model.

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