Standard 1 : Interpretive Listening

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The student will be able to understand and interpret information, concepts, and ideas orally from culturally authentic sources on a variety of topics in the target language.

General Information

Number: WL.K12.AH.1
Title: Interpretive Listening
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Advanced High

Related Benchmarks

This cluster includes the following benchmarks
Code Description
WL.K12.AH.1.1: Demonstrate understanding of extended speech and short lectures on a variety of topics.
WL.K12.AH.1.2: Demonstrate understanding of the main ideas on both concrete and abstract topics.
WL.K12.AH.1.3: Analyze the speaker’s perspective, tone and style as well as differentiate viewpoints heard in a variety of situations.
WL.K12.AH.1.4: Demonstrate understanding of the message and purpose of essential authentic sources found in the target culture such as TV, radio, podcasts, and videos.
WL.K12.AH.1.5: Understand and critique most films on historical, political, or scientific topics as well as make inferences and predictions from a variety of spoken sources.
WL.K12.AH.1.6: Follow extended speech and complex lines of arguments when the direction of the talk is clearly stated by the speaker.