Standard 4 : Presentational Speaking

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The student will be able to present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners on a variety of topics in a culturally appropriate context in the target language.

General Information

Number: WL.K12.IH.4
Title: Presentational Speaking
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Intermediate High

Related Benchmarks

This cluster includes the following benchmarks
Code Description
WL.K12.IH.4.1: Present information on familiar topics with clarity and detail using multimedia resources.
WL.K12.IH.4.2: Present viewpoints on an issue and support opinions with clarity and detail.
WL.K12.IH.4.3: Describe personal experiences and interests with clarity and detail.
WL.K12.IH.4.4: Produce reports and multimedia compositions in order to present a group project.
WL.K12.IH.4.5: Use paraphrasing, circumlocution, and illustrations to make self more clearly understood when relating experiences and retelling a story.
WL.K12.IH.4.6: Formulate and deliver a presentation on an assigned topic using multimedia resources to support the presentation.