Standard 2 : Interpretative Reading

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The student will be able to understand and interpret information, concepts, and ideas in writing from culturally authentic sources on a variety of topics in the target language.

General Information

Number: WL.K12.IM.2
Title: Interpretative Reading
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Intermediate Mid

Related Benchmarks

This cluster includes the following benchmarks
Code Description
WL.K12.IM.2.1: Identify the main idea and key details in texts that contain familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary used in context.
WL.K12.IM.2.2: Determine the main idea and essential details when reading narratives, literary selections, and other fictional writings on familiar topics.
WL.K12.IM.2.3: Identify specific information in everyday authentic materials such as advertisements, brochures, menus, schedules, and timetables.
WL.K12.IM.2.4: Recognize many high frequency idiomatic expressions from a variety of authentic texts of many unknown words by using context clues.