Standard 3 : Interpersonal Communication

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The student will be able to engage in conversations and exchange information, concepts, and ideas orally and in writing with a variety of speakers or readers on a variety of topics in a culturally appropriate context in the target language.

General Information

Number: WL.K12.IL.3
Title: Interpersonal Communication
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Intermediate Low

Related Benchmarks

This cluster includes the following benchmarks
Code Description
WL.K12.IL.3.1: Initiate and engage in a conversation on familiar topics.
WL.K12.IL.3.2: Interact with others in everyday situations.
WL.K12.IL.3.3: Express and react to feelings and emotions in real life situations.
WL.K12.IL.3.4: Exchange information about familiar academic and social topics including participation in an interview.
WL.K12.IL.3.5: Initiate a conversation to meet basic needs in everyday situations both in and outside the classroom.
WL.K12.IL.3.6: Recount and restate information received in a conversation in order to clarify meaning.
WL.K12.IL.3.7: Exchange general information about a few topics outside personal and academic fields of interest.
WL.K12.IL.3.8: Initiate, engage, and exchange basic information to solve a problem.