Access Point #: MA.7.DP.1.AP.1

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Use context to determine the appropriate measure of center (mean or median) or range to summarize a numerical data set with 10 or fewer elements, represented numerically or graphically.
Number: MA.7.DP.1.AP.1 Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 03/22 Standard: Represent and interpret numerical and categorical data.

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Name Description
MA.7.DP.1.1: Determine an appropriate measure of center or measure of variation to summarize numerical data, represented numerically or graphically, taking into consideration the context and any outliers.
Clarification 1: Instruction includes recognizing whether a measure of center or measure of variation is appropriate and can be justified based on the given context or the statistical purpose.

Clarification 2: Graphical representations are limited to histograms, line plots, box plots and stem-and-leaf plots.

Clarification 3: The measure of center is limited to mean and median. The measure of variation is limited to range and interquartile range.

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