Access Point #: MA.7.NSO.1.AP.1

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Use properties of whole number exponents to produce equivalent expressions.
Number: MA.7.NSO.1.AP.1 Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 03/22 Standard: Rewrite numbers in equivalent forms.

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Name Description
MA.7.NSO.1.1: Know and apply the Laws of Exponents to evaluate numerical expressions and generate equivalent numerical expressions, limited to whole-number exponents and rational number bases.
Clarification 1: Instruction focuses on building the Laws of Exponents from specific examples. Refer to the K-12 Formulas (Appendix E) for the Laws of Exponents.

Clarification 2: Problems in the form begin mathsize 12px style a to the power of n over a to the power of m equals a to the power of p end style must result in a whole-number value for p.

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