Access Point #: ELA.10.V.1.AP.1

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Use grade-level content vocabulary in communication, using the student’s mode of communication.
Number: ELA.10.V.1.AP.1 Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 03/22 Standard: Finding Meaning

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Name Description
ELA.10.V.1.1: Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing.
Clarification 1: To integrate vocabulary, students will apply the vocabulary they have learned to authentic speaking and writing tasks independently. This use should be intentional, beyond responding to a prompt to use a word in a sentence.

Clarification 2: Academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level refers to words that are likely to appear across subject areas for the current grade level and beyond, vital to comprehension, critical for academic discussions and writing, and usually require explicit instruction.

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