Access Point #: ELA.10.R.1.AP.2

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Compare how universal themes and their development are used throughout a literary text.
Number: ELA.10.R.1.AP.2 Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 03/22 Standard: Reading Prose and Poetry

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ELA.10.R.1.2: Analyze and compare universal themes and their development throughout a literary text.
Clarification 1: A universal theme is an idea that applies to anyone, anywhere, regardless of cultural differences. Examples include but are not limited to an individual’s or a community’s confrontation with nature; an individual’s struggle toward understanding, awareness, and/or spiritual enlightenment; the tension between the ideal and the real; the conflict between human beings and advancements in technology/science; the impact of the past on the present; the inevitability of fate; the struggle for equality; and the loss of innocence.

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