Access Point #: MAFS.4.MD.3.AP.7a (Archived Access Point)

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Find sums of angles that show a ray (adjacent angles).


Essential Understandings


  • Identify a ray (a ray is a line that has a start but no end).
  • Identify adjacent angles (angles that have a common side and a common vertex).
    adjacent angles
  • Add adjacent angles.
  • Understand the following concepts, symbols and vocabulary: adjacent, ray, vertex, side, angle, sum, addition, degree, °.

Number: MAFS.4.MD.3.AP.7a Category: Access Points
Cluster: Geometric measurement: understand concepts of angle and measure angles. (Additional Cluster)

Clusters should not be sorted from Major to Supporting and then taught in that order. To do so would strip the coherence of the mathematical ideas and miss the opportunity to enhance the major work of the grade with the supporting clusters.

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