Access Point #: TH.912.O.1.In.a

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TH.912.O.1.1: Research and analyze a dramatic text by breaking it down into its basic, structural elements to support development of a directorial concept, characterization, and design.
e.g., beats, actions, subtext
TH.912.O.1.2: Compare the conventions of western theatre with eastern theatre practices.
e.g., puppetry, masks, stage space, symbolism
TH.912.O.1.3: Execute the responsibilities of director, designer, manager, technician, or performer by applying standard theatrical conventions.
TH.912.O.1.4: Write an original script or a dramatic adaptation of a literary work to demonstrate knowledge of theatrical conventions.
TH.912.O.3.1: Analyze the methods of communication among directors, designers, stage managers, technicians, and actors that establish the most effective support of the creative process.
e.g., correct terminology, plots, production meetings, headset etiquette

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