Access Point #: MU.68.S.1.Pa.b

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Related Benchmarks

Name Description
MU.68.S.1.6: Compose a melody, with or without lyrics, over a standard harmonic progression.
MU.68.S.1.7: Explain and employ basic functions of MIDI for sequencing and/or editing, including interface options and types of controllers.
e.g., generation of event messages: pitch and intensity; control signals: volume, vibrato, panning; cues; clock signals: set tempo; controllers: keyboard, pad, wind, foot
MU.68.S.1.8: Demonstrate specified mixing and editing techniques using selected software and hardware.
MU.68.S.1.9: Describe the function and purposes of various types of microphones and demonstrate correct set-up and use of two or more microphones for recording a music performance.

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7801010: Access Visual and Performing Arts: 6-8
1300000: M/J Music Theory 1
1300010: M/J Music Theory 2
1301040: M/J Keyboard 2
1301050: M/J Keyboard 3
1301080: M/J Guitar 3
1303150: M/J Music Technology
1300025: M/J Basic Music Theory